How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 down:

The secret to growing rich with property using other people's money

Start your own property empire
Dear Potential Property Millionaire,
I’d like to let you in on a very lucrative secret... a secret that most wealthy property insiders pray you don’t find out...
It’s a secret that could set you and your family up for the rest of your life. Really, over the next three years I estimate you could grow your property empire to over R1,000,000 in less than three years using this ONE SIMPLE IDEA.
In fact, if property prices continue along their current trend (and I know they will) you could add an extra R100,000 to that profit.
If you don’t - if you fall short of that figure by even a cent - I’ll personally make sure the secret I’m about to reveal won’t cost you a thing.
Let me make this clear, if you don’t make your money, I’m out of pocket. So believe you me... I’m not going to let that happen!

How can I be so confident...?

Because this one secret, which I’m about to let you in on, has made millionaires time and time again. Ordinary Joes like you and me…
Now YOU have a rare opportunity to unlock this secret that I guarantee will make you a millionaire...
In the following pages I’m going to show you how – no matter how high or low property prices are – you can do what I did for less than R10,000 down and make some serious money from it.
This isn’t as crazy as it sounds...
Let me explain.

How to fund your million rand property empire with just R10,000 down…

It all comes down to using something I like to call 'OPM' - or 'Other People's Money - And I can show you how!
In fact, I myself started by own property empire using this EXACT formula to grow my empire three-fold over three years!
All the details of how I did it - and how you can do the same - are revealed in my new report: How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 down: The secret to going rich with property using other people's money.
In this report, you’re about to discover:
•    How to get on the right mailing lists to be the first to hear about the best deals
•    How to get in FIRST on the cheapest, biggest deals on the markets
•    How to get other people to pay for 90% of your  property
•    How to get bank finance, even if you only have R10,000 to your name
•    The MASSIVE profit potential of property - and more!

Now you can use the secret of OPM to get rich,

with property for yourself!

I am so convinced that you can become a tax-free millionaire in less than 36 months, using the secrets of OPM, that I’m offering you a 30 day, no-strings-attached money-back guarantee. If, at any time within the 30 days, you’re not convinced that you too can start your own property empire with just R10,000 down, just request a full refund!
But I’m confident you’ll be more than happy when you discover the powerful secret to complete financial independence.
Whatever the conditions, if you follow my guidelines step by step, you will realistically and safely achieve the million-rand benchmark.
You simply need to know the short-cuts and time-tested secrets I used to build my own property empire!
You'll learn
•    How to make returns of 20% plus per annum from property you haven't even paid for!
•    How to accurately assess the market value of a property and project and what it will be worth three to five years down the track
•    How to pick up new property bargains for a fraction of what they are actually worth!
•    How to take advantage of little-known loopholes to get government to pay for up to 30% of YOUR property!
•    Exactly where to look to find properties that will rise by 45% or more inside three
•    How to find the best agent without paying too much commission
•    Just how much property R10,000 will buy you (you'll be pleasantly surprised)
•    And much, much more.
Using these secrets, the property investor with a plan (that's YOU!) always wins.
You just need to know the right strategy!
For example...
My How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 report shows you all the secrets of buying property with no money down. This way you can acquire good properties without putting up huge amounts of your own cash. This is crucial to your three-year plan.
This report reveals how you can do it quickly and safely by:
•    Easily getting second and even third mortgages
•    Getting your property financed 100% by an institutional lender
•    Finding an investment partner to help cover costs and tax
•    Getting a loan on great terms even if you’ve had a bad credit rating for years
•    Easily obtaining a commercial loan instead of a consumer one
•    Plus you’ll learn the secrets of price inflating, overvaluation, obtaining a rebate from the seller for repairs and much more...
How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 report will also reveal some clever ways to increase the value of your property between the time of the contract and the closing of the deal!
My no-brainer offer: If you don’t find this report useful in 30 days. I’ll refund your every cent of this report!
Now I could go on about this report forever. And the great thing is... you don’t have to risk a single cent to do so...
Take this report for R299.95 and use the secrets on the current property market...
Remember How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 report comes with a guarantee...
That’s R299.95  in order to make a million. And that R299.95 is refundable if my report doesn’t live up to your expectations.
In my many years as a property investor I don’t think I’ve ever made a “no-brainer” offer like that. And I don’t think I ever will again.
So what have you got to lose?
Don’t even waste another second.
Within days you will have released the “tycoon within”. In weeks you could have your first deals set up, and be well on the way to making your first million!

Yours sincerely,
Francois Joubert
Master Property Investor

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Start your own property empire

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